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The Data Access Guidebook for Sustainable Energy Action Plans has been released!

Energy data is crucial for identifying trends in the economic priority sectors to target energy policies and to ensure energy efficiency improvements and increased renewable energy deployment. These measures can then be built in to sustainable energy policies and plans, and their national and local implementation progress can be monitored periodically. The Data Access Guidebook for […]

New Observatory! Technical Chamber of Greece Energy Observatory

Municipalities have limited or no access to energy consumption data of public buildings, public lighting, transport, the residential and tertiary sector, as well as energy produced from renewable energy sources. Data from these sectors are essential, especially in energy planning. Up to 2015, there were no national, regional or local energy observatories in Greece to […]

The Data4Action Conference “Observatories for Energy and GHG, a strong support to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy”

Regional and local public authorities design, implement and monitor Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs). The Covenant of Mayors initiative provides support at each stage of this process. However, the success of these tasks as well as the improvement of the SECAPs can be guaranteed only through the availability of energy and GHG data. […]

Covenant of Mayors: The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Achievements and Projections

The JRC analysis of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans points out that the CoM signatories’ ambition is to reduce GHG emissions in 2020 by 27%, well above the minimum target of 20%. In European Union Member States, it is estimated that CoM signatories (covering 31% of the EU-28 population in 2014) may represent 31% to […]

Energy and Environmental Observatory of Lombardia Region – SiReNa20

Thanks to DATA4ACTION exchange activities, IRE SpA has started to collaborate with the Energy Department of Infrastrutture Lombarde SpA – ILSpA, which deals with all the activities aimed at the development and implementation of regional energy policies and is in charge of the existing Energy and Environmental Observatory of Lombardia Region- SiReNa. The SiReNa was […]